Clients and folks of all types can look to this page for supporting literature and handouts on some of their session/holistic health topics. It will also be a place where fact-checked data, blog posts, papers, and links that help to advance the mission and message of Maenad will be shared. Please check back here, frequently, for new and interesting material. All of this info is open source.

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Healthy Living w/ Cannabis Guide

Are You Over-training?

Carbohydrates Guide

Eating for Gut Health

Eating Nose to Tail

Food Sources of Key Nutrients

Formal Meditation Log

Good Fats, Bad Fats Cheatsheet

Health Coaching 101

How to Sleep like a Pro

Informal Mindfulness Anytime Anywhere

Just Like Me Compassion Practice

Living Clean and Green

Meditation Postures

Mindful Walking

Model of Mindfulness

My Mindful Living Practice Plan

Nature's Superfoods

Paleo Carbohydrates Cheat Sheet

Paleo on a Budget

Paleo Protein Cheat Sheet

Paleo For Athletes

Real Food Delivery Services

What About Water

New Resource

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