Health Coaching

Health coaching is a young and exciting science. Through the use of Motivational Interviewing (MI), active listening, appreciative inquiry, and other techniques that are constantly being evaluated and updated, a client is met as they are – whole, valuable, and already in possession of all the tools necessary to live their most self-honoring life.


To be onboarded as a health coaching client is a singular and sacred relationship. The client is facilitated rather than directed or instructed. The sessions are supportive, empathetic, and open to whatever the client needs. The coach does not lead. The point is to motivate growth and change that YOU own, while holding space for and bearing witness to you. Book a free consultation to see if health coaching is the right fit for you*! 


*Clients onboarded for health coaching are ineligible for other services until the end of the coaching contract as it would be a conflict of interest to the impartiality of the coaching container.


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